Tunc Yavuzdogan

Tunc Yavuzdogan started his underwater photography journey in the turqoise waters of the North Eagean coast of Turkey. His first cameras were the legendary Nikonos V and Sony Hi8 in an Ocean Images housing. As he started discovering the wonderful and colourful marine life in

the Red Sea around Egypt and Sudan, he also gradually upgraded his systems to Nikon F80 and then stepped into the mysterious digital world with a Nikon D70 and a Sony HC1. His South Africa adventures have been accompanied by a Nikon D300s and a Nexus housing. He’s spent a remarkable amount of time in South East Asia photographing in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philipines. He fell in love with these surprisingly rich tropical waters so much that, he decided to move himself and his family to Indonesia 5 years ago. He currently resides in Jakarta, spending most of his time travelling and diving. Tunc specializes in Underwater images of the Indo-Pacific region including Bali, Raja Ampat , Malaysia Sipadan , Palau and the Philippines.

Tunc has been a pioneer in both diving industry and underwater photography in Turkey.
His dive center has been one of the first tour operators to take big groups of Turkish divers to the Red Sea, South East Asia and South Africa. He has founded a website for Turkish underwater photographers to exhibit their work and get in touch with the masters for advice.
His workshops have been instrumental to make underwater photography accessible to an increasing number of divers in Turkey. He has worked as a lecturer of Underwater Imaging in universities and written a book on underwater photography in Turkish.

He has produced a number of documentaries, opened up exhibitions and has several international achievements. His never ending passion and enthusiasm to improve his photography continue to be inspirational for many divers.

Selen Yavuzdogan started taking underwater videos when Tunc gave her his video camera to hold when he was busy attending a student.  After seeing her first shots, he decided that Selen should be the videographer in the family and started training her. Since then, a housing and a video camera have been accompanying all her dives. Her footage has been used in various productions by Tunc.She started the underwater video adventures with Sony Hi8 and an Ocean Images housing. She entered the HD era with Sony HC1 and then upgraded the system to Canon XH A1 and Gates housing. She has co-authored the underwater photography book published in Turkish language.

If you are looking for images of the Indo-Pacific for prints, canvas, or commercial use this is the place to begin your search.
Go to our Galleries page and look through the photos by location.  There are hundreds of images available for purchase as prints, fine art canvas, and commercial use. Nudibranches , seahorses , sharks, dolphins, manta rays, frogfish, whalesharks, wobegong , walking sharks and reef scenics are  available subjects.

Underwater Photography Book written by Tunc & Selen..