Welcoming 2013

It’s the last day of 2012 and the world has not ended. Although some people spent the year worrying about the end of the world scenarios, 2012 has been an incredible year for us and I didn’t want to say goodbye to it without acknowledging its wonders.

We are building a dive resort in Raja Ampat !!! Do I need to say more? It has been our biggest dream and everything unfolded in 2012 miraculously. We met wonderful people along the way, some of which became our comrades in this adventure. The flow of support, encouragement, positive energy keeps us going. We still have a long way ahead and we’re looking forward to going through every step of it. This is the biggest miracle of 2012 and for this, 2012 will always be remembered in our family history.

We had our first broadcasting deal in 2012.  We sold the footage of the ghost eel larva to Japanese National Channel, NHK. It will be used in a series called Darvin Comes and will be broadcasted in July. We’re looking forward to watching it !

Tunc’s photographs featured in magazines again. South Africa’s Submerge published his pictures on 8 pages and the cover of their December issue. We took part in Asian Diver and UPW with two articles as well as underwater photos.

2012 has been a wonderful year, full of new beginnings. We are grateful for the continuos support and encouragement from you all. We wish you all a great year in 2013, filled with love, peace and exciting adventures.  2013_03