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What’s going on at Barracuda Point?

We’ve been diving in Sipadan for a long time. There has been times it had amazed us, especially Tunc has seen its high times staying on the island and watching whales, mantas and marlins passing by. For me, it will always be special being my first destination in Asia and witnessing the first steps of my babyboy.

We’ve had lots of other favorite destinations after moving to Indonesia. Diving in those wonderful sites is an amazing experience however it becomes harder to get satisfaction out of any dive after you see sites like Raja Ampat, Komodo, Manado, Derawan, etc. We were in Sipadan last Christmas and it was sad to see the water at 30 degrees and lots of corals and anemones whitening.

We’re here again, staying in Borneo Divers as we always do. Our first dive in Sipadan this morning was to South Point and it wasn’t very interesting. We had already started whining about Sipadan not being what it used to be.

For our second dive we wanted to go to our favorite Sipadan dive site, Barracuda Point. The current was very strong and we started drifting away. We saw the school of jack fish first, they were as friendly as they’d always been and posed for some good shots. After moving on, where the current got really strong, we saw around fifteen sharks schooling in the open blue. They were a group of white tip sharks and grey reef sharks. All the white tips that usually rest on the valley was out and around for some action. It was a stunning sight and I had a good feel of diving with sharks again, years after the shark feeding experience in Sudan. Despite the strong current, we held onto some rocks and tried to watch this scene as long as we could. I just love diving with sharks and I thanked the ocean many times for providing this rare opportunity to me today.

Barracudas were there, but they were too far away in the blue and since the current was very strong, we did’t go after them.

We wanted to have our third dive in barracuda point, too. It was a good choice. At the very point where we watched the sharks circling, we saw two giant travelleys and a white tip chasing a fish into a hole. That was a sight. There were eels swimming in the open and countless turtles. Barracudas were a bit closer this time and allowed me to take a snap of their glorious tornado. Here is the full Sipadan Gallery..

Barracuda Point was at its best today. Hope to see more action in the coming days. And here is a video for you…